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1923    Raymond MATHIEU founded the company "Balayeuse MATHIEU" in Toul for the manufacture of
             mechanical cleaning equipment
1928    Introduction of a new range dedicated to industry cleaning
1950   Sale of the “Mistral”, one of the first street sweepers
1979   Sale of the first compact sweeper in France, designed for the urban cleanliness
1985   Buy-out of the company “Balayeuse Mathieu” by Mr. Guy Gilliet
1992   “Golden Decibel” award for performances in terms of soundproofing
1993   MATHIEU SOFRALOR S.A. buys 100% of the shares of company YNO located in Velaine en Haye 
             (54)  and specialised in the production of grass picking machines.
1994   Launch of the “extra compact” street sweeper AZURA
1996   First export sales especially in the United Kingdom
1999   Mathieu integrated the Fayat Group, 1st French industrial family group

2000   First edition of “Clean cities” (Villes Propres), 4 pages of information dedicated to the urban cleanliness
2003  Modernising of the production line.                           
           Capacity up to 500 units

2004   Launch of the first “Eco-Washer” Aquazura combining washing, scrubbing, suction and recycling of
             dirty water
2005  Official introduction of the new “AZURA Range”: Grand Azura & Azura Concept
         Participation in the first French Championship of the sweepers driver “Enviro Pilots”
           Extension of the warehousing capacity and opening of our new worldwide service center
2010   Mathieu equips its AZURA 2 m3 platform with stainless steel hoppers,
            Distribution of Mathieu products in France as well as RAVO and SCARAB products is taken over  by 3D,
            part of FAYAT GROUP.



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